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Erectile Dysfunction has been one of the most troublesome problem in men. Now even the younger ones facing erectile dysfunction, it has become really very important to know the reasons behind it.

Following are the ways to tackle Ed ( SAME AS PRESENTED IN THE VIDEO )

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual health problem faced by men all over the world. This issue is characterized by the inability of men to either get or maintain an erection for enough time to enjoy sexual intercourse. This problem of ED is a very common problem faced by men worldwide. There are simple techniques to tackle erectile dysfunction, namely:

1. Oral Medications
Oral medicines are probably the best treatment option to overcome ED. They are highly effective and normally work by inhibiting PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for poor flow of blood to the penis. Generic Viagra is one of the best and cheapest medicine available for men worldwide to overcome their ED issues.

2. Incorporating healthy eating habits
Maintaining a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight come in very handy while dealing with ED issues in men. Also, foods such as watermelons, eggs, nuts, spinach, bananas, etc. are foods which contain a lot of nutrients and act like Viagra and help to overcome issues like erectile dysfunction.

3. Regular exercise
Regular exercise and physical activity have shown amazing results in improving the sexual life of men all around the world. Incorporating pelvic exercises in the daily life of men has shown to improve the nitric oxide release into the penis of men and also improving cGMP levels in the body which help to overcome ED.

4.Alternative and herbal medicine
Herbal medicines such as ginko biloba, saw palmetto, yohimbe have shown good results in getting control over issues such as erectile dysfunction. These are not approved medicines against ED but have shown good results. Also, other alternative therapies such as yoga and meditation have shown good results against ED.

5. Testosterone replacement therapy
Testosterone is an important hormone in men which has been associated with sexual health. When the testosterone levels are low, the sexual power of men also goes down. Therapies such as testosterone replacement therapy may be used by men to increase their sexual power but not solve mechanical issues in them.

6. Counselling and sex therapy
For men, depression due to ED is common. For these men, it would be great if they could share their problems with maybe a therapist or someone they do not know personally. It has been seen for centuries that sharing worries and pain with someone can be very beneficial to reducing depression and anxiety which can help overcome ED.

7. Vacuum pumps and injections
For men who are not able to treat their ED issues with oral medicine and other therapies, vacuum pumps come in very handy, Vacuum pumps and injections are very useful in increasing the flow of blood to the penis. It has shown over 75% success rate in men suffering from ED.

8. Surgery and implants
When one suffers from neuronal problems or injuries on the spinal cord, and when other treatment options do not come in handy, effective surgeries and surgical implants can be the best solution. The two of the most popular implants are; implantable pumps and malleable prosthesis.

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